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April 2018 - Illinois Crimestoppers Events List

Top Calendar 4/23/2018 - Campus Crime Stoppers
Sponsored by Crime Stoppers of Sangamon and Menard Counties
Contact Information
Phone:712-775-7270 access code: 218740
Have you ever thought about starting a Junior Crime Stopper Program at your Middle or High School?
Illinois State Crime Stoppers Board member Ernie Slottag , (President of the Sangamon & Menard Crime stoppers) will host a Free Conference call next Monday April 23, his topic will be 'Campus Crime stoppers" The Good, Bad & Different"

Top Calendar 4/28/2018 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Applebees Flapjack Fundraiser
Contact Information
Name:Loren Hamilton
Pancake Fundraiser $5per Person
Applebees West Morton
Jacksonville, Illinois