Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association Information

President's Letter

Illinois Crime Stoppers President, Loren Hamilton

Hello fellow Crime Stoppers and visitors.

The Illinois State Crime Stoppers Assn. (ISCSA) strives to help develop and facilitate Crime Stoppers programs and to promote the concepts of Crime Stoppers throughout the state of Illinois. The ISCSA provides leadership to local programs through an annual training conference and maintains a multifunctional website that provides contact information for all Illinois programs, statistics, and much more. The purpose of the Association is to provide and promote communication through publication, state conferences, and our website so that all police coordinators and board members can share in each other’s experience and knowledge of all Crime Stopper related issues. Our website is continuously being updated and now has more information available to the general public. Please accept our invitation to 'Like' us on Facebook at Illinoisstatecrimestoppers

We also provide a high level of program standards through a system of State Certification. These standards of certification are easily met by any Crime Stopper program. All are encouraged to apply for State Certification. The ISCSA board of directors is made up of law enforcement and civilian volunteers who are members of local state certified programs. Our Board of Directors meets bi-monthly starting in January on the second Wednesday of the month. We are always on the lookout for new members to serve on our Board, both civilian and law enforcement. Please contact me or any board member for information and applications. Please feel free to contact me or any Board member for information, questions, or comments.


Loren Hamilton


Illinois State Crime Stoppers Assn.

Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association