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Vehicle Theft & Burglary Prevention

  1. Always lock your car and pocket the keys, even if just for a minute. That's all it takes to steal your car. Doors should be locked even when you are in the car.
  2. Close all windows when leaving the car, even in HOT weather.
  3. Control the keys. Never leave ID on key ring. If lost or stolen, not only can a thief take your car, but if your house keys are on the ring, you could have your house burglarized.
  4. Don't leave registration or identification papers or credit cards in vehicle.
  5. Do not leave your property in plain view. Persons have been known to break into a vehicle for pocket change, candy, tapes, CD's, anything.
  6. Avoid leaving vehicle in unattended parking lots for long periods of time. If you park in a lot where you must leave a key, leave ignition key only and park close to an overhead light, so vehicle is illuminated
  7. When buying a vehicle, ask about anti-theft options such as steering column locks, alarms, switches that interrupt the fuel and electronic systems and locks for tape decks, batteries and gas tanks.
  8. Keep car's Vehicle Identification number and a complete description in a safe place at home.
  9. License plates frequently are stolen from cars and used on stolen cars used in crimes. Check your plates when you drive. A few drops of solder on the bolts or blurring the threads can help safeguard your plates.

If your car is broken into or stolen, inform the police immediately. Stolen vehicles may be used in the commission of other crimes. Quick action may both aid in recovering your vehicle and preventing its use of illegal purposes.

Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association